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Country Eye 53 - Libby Owen - July 2016

This edition of Country Eye features one of our best wildlife photographers; Libby Owen. Libby lives in south-west Lincolnshire with her partner Nick Gomm and most of the photographs shown here were taken within a few miles of her home.

Libby's success is partly due to her undoubted talent and eye for a photograph, but also due to her enormous patience and ability to get very close to her subjects. When most of us are just stirring in our beds, Libby is returning from the field in her camouflage jacket having photographed at close quarters some of our shyest wildlife. Dusk might see her venturing out again to photograph Badgers, Foxes or other nocturnal creatures.

The pictures featured here are a small selection of her work, but Libby has kindly agreed that I can use others in future editions of Country Eye.

All photographs are copyright of Libby Owen - (Click on the images for a larger picture)

An exhausted dog Fox returns to his den with a heavy rabbit. The impatient cub can’t wait to get at his dinner and nearly knocks his Dad over in the rush. Sometimes looking after children is a thankless task!

Fox cubs looking alert. What have they seen?

Adult fox with cubs

A Barn Owl in flight photographed at one of the local fens. Most Barn owls failed to breed last year due to a shortage of prey; mice and voles mainly. However they seem to be having a better breeding season this year, despite the inclement weather.

Grass snake photographed in Libby’s garden pond. Other residents of her pond include Smooth Newts and the rare Great Crested Newt.

Thoughtful Brown Hare chewing grass.

A magnificent buck Fallow deer, resplendent with a full set of antlers and dappled summer coat.

Monarch of the Fens!

A herd of Fallow Deer leaping across a ditch at dusk.

Fallow Deer fawn.

A Muntjac Deer. This introduced species is increasingly common, even in town gardens, where it is not popular with gardeners.

Redstart - one of only a few pairs nesting in Lincolnshire.

A badger sharpening its claws on the trunk of a tree.

Badgers cuddling.

View more of Libby's photography on Flickr

Ian Misselbrook
July 2016


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